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Achilles Intentions

Our heel that Achilles the manifestation of our thoughts is immediate, the universe does not need any preparation time, we think and we should instantly see the material representation of our thoughts and intentions. However, this does not always happen and on many occasions we find ourselves frustrated to see that our intentions and goals are not its manifestation in the material plane and sometimes that just stating is quite the opposite to what we truly desire. Our intentions are with obstacles our internal limitations are precisely the obstacles encountered by the energy of our thoughts and intentions for its materialization. In the majority of cases these limitations are sufficiently rooted within us which is the final destruction of our intentions. What are the constraints that slow down or destroy the materialization of our intentions? Primarily the lack of faith in ourselves, in our talents, our strength, our fears, our doubts and power creator we all create an intention and usually in the background, we do not believe that that intention will materialize. We lack that faith in ourselves and that lack of faith generates fear and doubts. I don’t have the means, would be too perfect, I never pass me those things, it’s very nice but it is impossible for me, I don’t have the money enough in this way the energy that has been created with our intention is immediately destroyed by our own limitations. The result of the training we have received have taught us has focus our attention on our limitations instead of discovering the wonderful talents that we all have. Our families and society in general us has trained in bases to limitations and we just believe them. Believe them so much that they have sufficient strength to destroy immediately any intention and thought that this would be the barriers of the limitations that we have inherited, learned and acquired and are now our own limitations: life is hard, we have been here to suffer, life is not easy, it is very difficult to get ahead, you have to fight much, there to take care of people because it is very bad, money changes people and become selfish, love is a chimera, true happiness does not exist our faith is grounded in our limitations instead of being dedicated to our talents and our inner power.

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