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American Perfumes

5 minutes, 10. Evaporate the alcohol pair. This is a 'headache' note. Cecile Landi shines more light on the discussion. And the first impressed with the volatile fragrance. Citrus oil, lemon, bergamot, lavender, basil, and male spirits more and nutmeg.

Half an hour passed, and just do not. It entered into force middle note – note 'heart'. It is in these moments have to choose perfumes. This is the scent that will accompany you the next 12-24 hours. And the smell can be quite varied. Refreshing from green tea, nutmeg and spicy in the spirits of pheromones, light floral and tart and fruity.

Rose, wild lily, ylang-ylang, natural and synthetic fragrances. Such materials evaporate much more slowly. They are mixed, interspersed with each other, complement, showing themselves on your skin and create something unique cloud that will distinguish you from others in the crowd, forcing you to scrutinize others followed. And here I am already changing preferences – with ck on Elisabeth Arden After 12-24 hours is only the 'tail' – a substance which is used to secure the volatile flavor notes of 'heart' and different heavy oily-sweet smell. To Follow Dream of RAgroup lasted more than anyone else. But this does not mean that I will pick him Parfum or Eau de ParfumAromaty flavors, but also a Perfume also plays a role. If you want to smell a possible richer, choose bottles labeled or Parfum Extrait. This perfume, which contain up to 20-30% of the fragrance is the most expensive and precious essential oils and synthetic substances, dissolved in 90-degree alcohol. Daytime spirits softer, more transparent. Eau de Parfum – Perfume or Parfume de Toilette – a daytime perfume. In these concentration fragrance reaches 15-20%. It would seem that much weaker! But no. There is also Eau de Toilette – edt – 6-12% in 85-degree alcohol. Plus Eeu de Cologne. Do not be afraid. Women's Fragrances one you use does not call. Just for the American Perfume Cologne usually refers to products that comply with the French perfumed or scented water. And, finally, L 'Eau Fraiche, Eau de Sport – refreshing water, water sports (almost always with citrus scent). A short, weak. Not surprisingly – at only 1-3% of concentrate in 70-80-degree alcohol. The main thing that suit spirits, I first of all, tries them on himself. Like a suit or a fashionable hat. Where I will be like, what time of year, so that they will be combined that tells the heart. Sometimes the flavor is so unusual that feel an almost physical shock. And my advice, give him another chance. Suppose that the first shock settles, and then, perhaps, that he will be your favorite, and already your favorite will distinguish you precisely for this exciting and unusual smell! Anastasia Fedorova.

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