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It increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin. As a result, more glucose enters cells – increasing strength and mass. Also, Omega-3 helps to inject into the muscles more amino acids – again increases weight. And Omega-3 saves glycogen and increases the level of glutamine in the muscles. 3: Eat salt Salt is vital for the growth of the masses. Bodybuilders before a competition do not eat, because the sodium in salt causes water retention under the skin. But the same sodium in the offseason is actively involved in the accumulation of glycogen. It also facilitates the penetration of amino acids in muscle cells and enhances sensitivity of muscle to insulin. diet with a guarantee inhibits the collection of the masses. Credit: olympics-2011. 4: No aerobics Between sets of mass aerobics should forget. Proved that aerobics reduces power consumption at the expense of muscle glycogen. But worst of all, any aerobic activity, whether swimming, running or bike, leads to the disintegration of muscle amino acids BCAAs. And in fact they are responsible for muscle growth volumes. The less muscle bcaa, the less muscle. In short, say no aerobics. Number 5: The stronger, the greater the magnitude of muscle proportional to its strength. From this it follows that we should swing by. Here then will muscle growth. From physics we know that power – it is mass divided by time. It turns out that the faster you raise the weight, the more power you need apply. So the first phase of the exercises always begin the most powerful explosive force.

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