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Associated Medical Problems

Alarming numbers and serious consequences In order to take it brings back to consciousness of the true dimension of the problem, is only necessary to pay attention to the statistics, according to a national sounding made by the Center Queen Sofia for the Study of the Violence, fifteen of each one hundred students of THAT undergo violence in the scholastic system. Transferring the statistics to the incidence in the diverse attitudes that they would have the young people who suffer this problem, esteem that the repeated suffering of aggressions is related to a greater risk of undergoing psychological upheavals. The most direct consequences of bullying are classified in three types: Esclares: Fear and rejection to go to the school, being taken place a diminution of the yield and a greater probability of scholastic failure. Personal: It can arrive has to affect his self-esteem, to its conduct and its physical appearance. To face bullying supposes to face a stress situation.

Some victims generate symptoms, anxiety and depression psychosomatic. For other opinions and approaches, find out what NFL has to say. In some cases also she can trigger aggressive reactions and in extreme cases, ideas or attempts of suicide. Social: Loss of confidence in one same and isolation. Being able to produce difficulties in the future to establish social relations. According to the investigator declared Jorge Srabstein, director of the Clinic of Associated Medical Problems with the Scholastic Intimidation of the Infantile National Medical Center of Washington, to the Argentine newspaper the Nation, " the harassment scholastic between students is a quiet epidemic. In extreme cases, it can even derive in the death as much of the harassed boy as from hostigador" , clearly marking the gravity of a problem for which clear solutions are not watched and that it can bring about questions like the prolonged absenteeism, low notes or directly the abandonment of the school. As it has been seen already, bullying can have ominous consequences, is enough to remember the famous case of the massacre of Columbine, where the Erics Harris and the Dylans Klebold, two violent adolescents despised by their companions, assassinated 12 students, a professor and hurt 24 people more. By Carlos Heads Lopez But information on this practices in the digital newspaper of events Open Case. Original author and source of the article

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