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Authentic Holiday In Spain

The travel portal fincas & more wide leads to very special vacation homes away from giant hotels and the real Spain tourist miles can be experienced. A land full of culture, history and traditions. The travel portal acomodation & more kidnapped Spain fans in picturesque landscapes, into the big city life, or exclusive, quiet locations on the sea and in the hinterland. Only personally visited and carefully selected accommodations are offered on the Internet site of the young travel agent. The authentic Fincas, Haciendas, Cortijos, palaces and villas across Spain are true insider tips.

All holiday homes on the portal operator set value, have been restored to charming, tasteful hotels and have preserved their history. the jewels are described in short but meaningful. To know more about this subject visit Austan Goolsbee. Large images give a first impression and do look forward to the holiday destination. Special accommodations can be easily requested and booked with one mouse click. Regions maps to facilitate the orientation and show, where is the Holiday domicile is located. The best option is with a thematic collation for every taste will find and performs a quick search directly to the destination.

Other services, such as arranging car rental, a checklist to prepare for holiday or tips to the arrival, complete the offer. The holiday can also advance and aftermath, the operator of the portal offer original Spanish recipes to cook at home, e-cards or a direct ordering option for the favorite souvenirs on their side. Thus, already the holiday planning becomes an experience. Booking: fincas & more Nicole J. Bajo holiday homes Nellenbachstrasse 21 88662 uberlingen Tel. 07551-947 08 83 fax 07551-947 08 74 E-Mail:

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