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Ayurvedica Medicine

10 Advantages of the Ayurvedica Medicine Empezemos to say that ayurveda is a complete science based on the three balance of Doshas (Dressing gown, Pitta and Kapha) or the three see-energies of the body. Ayurveda is the science of the life and believes in two scientific principles: " The similar increases similar" and " the opposed thing diminishes opuesto" and it uses both to treat the diseases by means of ayurvdico treatment following the necessity to increase or to diminish the Doshas causes of the disease. The ayurvdica medicine is effective for any type of disease, from a simple one resfriado to diseases that seem not to have treatment as they are the Psoriasis, vitligo, arthritis, hypertension, hernia of hiatus, cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, depression, epilepsy, paralysis, syndrome of chronic fatigue among others many. Next ten advantages of the ayurvedica medicine: 1. the seed of the disease begins to early age. The children now but that never is inclined to suffer of allergies, asthma, obesity, you disorder chronic, problems of the skin to mention just a few.

2. Knowing the constitution causes that the prevention is but right, this aid significantly to create a preventive program each type and to avoid that conditions with genetic predisposition are pronounced. 3. The ayurvedica medicine in house is helpful, to know the constitution biological aid to a better treatment once the disease already has been pronounced. The generalized treatments are not but the right ones since with this measurement it has been tried to demonstrate that a typical disease is pronounced with equal force in all the organisms. The constitutional type helps us to identify the genetic disadvantages of certain individuals. It has been observed that if for example ten people suffer of equal disease, nevertheless, the cause, is perhaps pronounced of different form in each person. Reason why the knowledge of the biological constitution would present/display a customized treatment but.

4. The constitutional medicine does not put emphasis in the symptoms but in correcting the imbalances of doshas that are those produce that it. The great difference is that the results reached when eliminating the cause are permanent whereas when trying the symptoms these resort and acquire other manifestations. 5. With a medical constitutional system, we are dealt and diagnosed like people. In other words your and I am treated by the personal needs that they have themselves to satisfy and not like a statistical percentage. The knowledge that the same patient acquires for the sake of his own balance is the best one of the guarantees to maintain and to restore the health by means of the ayurvdica sanacin. 6. The constitutional diagnosis is less expensive and but easy to learn, he is not invasive and it reveals the relation that exists between body, mind and spirit. 7. Ayurveda is a medical system that trusts the use of the senses. 8. Aside from evaluating to the senses the ayurvdica medicine also it favors the view, sense of smell, sound, flavor and tact like sufficient to obtain a correct diagnosis 9. Ayurveda is a holistic system that it includes to the person in its totality emotional and spiritual physicist. Their philosophical bases give the idea us that there is macrocosmo that is the universe and a microcosm that is the person and that none is separated. 10. Finally the knowledge of our constitution is essential and preparatory to the experience of the illumination. Source: Note of Press sent by vannesakol.

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