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Bible Reality

After a drastic change , harassment church councils, the Russian community remains, as Russian passivity. Likewise, she stayed on and after the Soviet collapse. The parallels with the present pre-revolutionary Russia is dedicated to another article of mine. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as olympics by clicking through. Thus, it can be conclusion that Orthodoxy and Catholicism as (like Protestantism) are rather a description of the historical and social reality (sort of an excuse) than by the fact that this reality has created. Therefore we can say that attempts to write off certain historical events and phenomena of religion in Russia is unlikely to have a good reason. For example, in the early 20 th century Russian Slavophiles talked about non-violent and femininity of the Russian soul, but after 1917, Russian people of all showed his non-violent (and especially himself).

However, if the ideology and religion in the past have been a description of reality, this does not mean that in future, religion can become a creator reality. The fact that the last Russian resignation was not due to Orthodoxy, and the rigid centralization of authority and dishonesty of many people, does not mean that in future the Orthodox will not be able to create a genuine humility in Russia, it is based on deep understanding of the Bible. To do this, that people are deeply understood, knew and were interested in religion, then that religion influences them, shapes their lives and the lives of the country (since some people are part of the country). Not surprisingly, the last religion could not form the humility or activity, but it was only the cover of economic or political interests (enough to remember taking the Crusaders Constantinople in 1204 and how they themselves were there).

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