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As an extra, but no less important arguments in favor of the choice of Canada, it is possible call one of the world's lowest crime rates and pure environment. Canada immigration program legislation includes a number of programs under which a foreigner can get an immigrant visa. Most simple way to achieve Canadian citizenship – have in this country of close relatives. But naturally, it is the most rare, and therefore attention to it, we will not dwell. Larry David is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The most common is the same professional immigration. ource of information. Since 2002, the number of "professional" of immigrants has increased significantly, because it was abolished by a list of "approved" professions.

If, for example, earlier in the list of accepted professions there were no doctors, then today on this point there are no restrictions. True, the return in force since the new law put forward a more stringent language requirements. So when an idea to change their place of residence is the first factor on the improvement of which is hard work. Filed under: Doug McMillon. Pretty good argument, greatly increases the chance to travel to Canada – the presence of an official job offer from there the company. This guarantee should be necessarily confirmed and registered by the Canadian Ministry of Labour. However, such an invitation, though are a great help, but there is not too often, due to significant bureaucratic procedures that must pass both the employee and the employer.

In order to get a foreign employer to move in this direction, you should be, well, really a very valuable overs. Another direction which allows a document to the right of residence in Canada – business immigration. Perhaps check out Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more information. This type of travel requires that you have significant financial capacity. Unlike professional immigration is not so popular, because people with money to live well everywhere. To be eligible to travel on business immigration program, you want to make certain investments in the economy or have a willingness to organize its the territory of your business. Here the decisive role is played by two factors: the presence of a round sum in the account and experience in organizing and conducting business in their home country or in other states. Can also help business relationships, when partners, especially foreign ones, will give their recommendations. By the way, the category of business immigrants are not only business people but also the artists and athletes who have reached in their occupation of certain heights. This class of immigrants called "employers for themselves." The main condition – the existence and fame of the world experience the last 2 years. Those who are willing to make a direct financial investments in the Canadian economy, in the category of "investors." For it is necessary to have capital of not less than 800 thousand Canadian dollars (CAD) and to confirm their readiness to invest in the economy 400 000 CAD. Finally, the third group – "entrepreneurs." To get it, you should confirm that you have accounts there are at least 300 thousand dollars of Canada and a joint business in that country. To prove the latter must have at least one third stake in a Canadian company. And for two of the last five years (this restriction is found to be protected from thieves). Positive in the business of immigration is that the passing score is lowered to 35. Full article on the site Programs Immigration to Canada

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