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Champions League

On the right side of the Oddo borrowed from the great AC Milan runs mostly listlessly up and down and so the attacking game is lame there. Michael Rensing appeared in the giant footsteps of Oliver Kahn. Each error is included in Munich very carefully scrutinized. He must make it to cope with this huge pressure. He has the talent to be a great, but he needs to work on his nerves. On the line, he plays well, but sometimes it seems as if he had fear in the walk out.

This uncertainty of course spreads on the defense and so the goals as fall. What needs to change? The Bayern bosses have announced before the season that Jurgen Klinsmann working 2 years alone would be. After the disastrous games since January one must wonder what needs to change the coach. Connect with other leaders such as Interactive Advertising Bureau here. The Bayern game stands or falls with Ribery and Luca Toni. It looks bad without the ideas of the French and the Italian goal threat. Thus it is very easy to figure out.

In the short term, Klinsmann can actually change anything, because it lacks the necessary personnel easily. He can try to motivate the players and to strengthen the defense. But he may not do that at the expense of the offensive. Finally, attack is still the best defense. Be sure new players must be collected in the summer! It is missing two defenders, two midfielders and two strikers with format. Olic from HSV is a good striker, but he can replace a Luca Toni? Tymoschuk will replace van Bommel, but who supports Ribery? Remains to be seen, who sits on the coach bench in the summer and in which competition plays the big FC Bayern? The Pleitensaison 2007 with UEFA Cup should be a one-time slip according to the Board of Directors. Perhaps, Klinsmann can still motivate his team. Then at least 2nd place behind Hertha or Hoffenheim is possible because only the very optimistic Bayern fans believe in success in the Champions League and the title defense related. Sebastian Bork

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