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Because health prevention starts Bad Salzuflen in his sleep, the January 22, 2010 – sleep sickens when will not adjust sufficient. For more information see Frank Ntilikina. Until the beginning of this year a team of researchers renowned Columbia University noted that lack of or disturbed sleep among adolescents can lead to depression. Alarming conclusion of the study, taken the sleep habits of good 16,000 young people under the microscope: a nightly sleep duration of five hours increases the risk of depression by 71 percent. Relief for those who have outgrown adolescence? Not at all, because even in adults, sleep disorders cause at up to four times higher risk of depression – so sleep physician Goran Hajak, of the University of Regensburg. Otherwise, the research findings in the field of Somnology as a plea for the necessity of healthy sleep sound. According to sleep researchers, appears a direct link between sleep disorders and the incidence of serious diseases such as stroke, diabetes or Alzheimer’s increasingly likely. Healthy sleep affects not only the individual performance the next morning, but is a crucial building block of health prevention. However, if the spatial conditions allow no space for a bedroom? Here is worth a click to the Chair factory, because the team has expanded the existing seating range of online shops to sofa to David Fuchs.

In addition to comfortable XXL euthanasia small space are presented, take up much space and creating optimum framework conditions for healthy sleeping outside of the traditional bedroom. As well as all seating the Chair factory of course the sofa can be individually configured, and adapted to the personal needs. “What is striking is that nothing at the sofa suitable for a continuous use throughout the makeshift beds” reminds of the past, which were either nice or comfortable in the worst case neither of these. Fresh design, a “multi-functional construction, quality materials and quality made in Germany” will be an interesting option for all the sofa beds, which previously suffered space reasons compromising the sleeping comfort. The team of the Chair factory is dedicated uncompromisingly individual and expressive furniture manufacturing over the Chair factory. Whether lounge armchair, relax armchair or sofa all living and sleeping furniture exclusively from local raw materials and in local manufacturing produced. Each piece of furniture is made according to individual specifications, so that exclusive individual pieces emerge. Press contact: Chair Manufactory Fox Pritzkau Sawazki GbR Max-Planck-str. 111 32107 Bad Salzuflen T 0 52 22 / 960 48 17 F 0 52 22 / 960 48 20 E

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