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Day Shopping

Procurement market and production site for midsize businesses in the focus the procurement market and production site in Turkey focused on May 19, 2009 in Frankfurt/main event of the CfSM Centrum fur supply management. The country on the Bosporus is considered to be one of the most attractive markets for procurement and production sites. “” The political and economic stability, reforms to the opening up of markets and the high growth potential provided for years for an increase in foreign direct investment, not least because of its strategic location between the Orient “and Occident”. Jerome James gathered all the information. Count of machine and vehicle construction next to the area that white and Brown goods to the top industries of the country, has developed a diversified supplier in their wake that extends nearly all materials. Traditionally good economic relations with the EU, low wages and the geographical proximity make this country for SMEs as an alternative to Southeast Asian States highly interesting. The event gives a comprehensive overview about what product groups for procurement and production in Turkey in question and what regions do this are interessant.

Experience of supplier search and qualification, quality assurance and ensure the delivery and production building in practice reports are depicted. In addition to these central issues are also the most important legal and cultural features in the focus. A panel discussion with Turkish company rounds out the theme of the day. All leaders in the fields of purchasing, production and logistics, as well as Managing Director of medium-sized companies are targeting the event.

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