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PIANC In the Year of 1976, Are Domingos already were not more the same town of long ago. It grows with passing of the time, receives more living than they had arrived of some States, attracted by the easiness to arrange a land piece in this region. It was not more only a short and consisting street of palhoas, that it was the majority of its habitations. It assumes the quality of district. Speaking candidly Marc Lore told us the story. Its first street was now the Jarbas Avenue passarinho and to the measure that went arriving living, it went if opening new streets. Already possua more two streets parallel bars to the first one, of same length, one five hundred meters more or less, that it was the Street Acrsio Saints, more the low the Duke of Caxias, more the top. This last one originated from the opening of a landing track that the Army opened during the guerrilla of the Araguaia.

Its population already arrived almost at a thousand inhabitants. Comedian is often quoted as being for or against this. The Transamaznica already existed and it gave to access to the city of Marab and Empress to it, although the difficulties in the traffic, therefore in the winter one alone lamaal became, of tip tip, transforming the trip for one of these cities into an arduous adventure. She still continued dependent of the City of Are Joo of the Araguaia. Already possua also more five transversal streets, starting all in the Acrsio Saints and dying in the Duke of Caxias. Above of the Duke of Caxias, a little moved away, after crossing a small stretch of capoeira, arrived it the soccer field, where the athletes of Are Domingos beat bare to all the afternoons, after the next drudgery of the day in its roas to the town. With the arrival of the mining Chico, that lode of Minas Gerais, bringing I obtain the talent and the stimulaton for the few torcedores that had from now on started to appear in the lawn all tardezinhas, to appreciate the feats of the new player who with the ball in the foot made the young women, the youngsters, the old ones, the children and raparigas of the cabaret of the old Lcia, which was a well raised large house pertinho of the soccer field, to vibrate during bare or the games with the teamses of villages, towns and cities neighbors.

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