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Educative Context

ResumenLas influences historical of psychology has radically marked the development in its different battle areas, the psychology of the education has obtained in you complete decades the participation of the psychologists in the pedagogical and educative context like so, thus being able, to interact and to enter context not only taking control of individual phenomena of the knowledge and learning, but also of problematic at group or collective a level that are raised from the pedagogy and of the context in if, being able to visualize them from a real and dynamic perspective but. The evolution of the psychology of the education has given rolls him to the psychologist that have varied with time, taking care first of basic processes as the learning and how the subject arrives at its final mission that is the knowledge and through which instruments, in that then sprouting of the psychometry were the base for the learning theories and intelligence, along with observations of laboratory, was limited the form of how psychologist could only know the development the subject, that is to say, in a mental level, without considering other elements that always have influenced at the time of acquiring knowledge and under which conditions can be developed the individuals in an educative context. Under these historical influences the psychologist has managed abrir breach for 1? test presented/displayed by students of the bolivariana pontifical university of the program of psychology of I SAW semester in the subject fields of educative application oriented by the educational Thin Andrea. to enter itself to this and dealing with problematic educative an integral form, that is to say, having in account the social, familiar scope, and all the aspects that not necessarily are tie with the educative practice in the class classroom and that generate a direct or indirect influence in the educative process of the individual.

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