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Equal History

Following this analogy we can say that an edge is composed for the historians with its methodologies and theories, tools that they judge to qualify them to tell the past, thus constructing a direct and explicativa narrative of what it happened. The historians use of the speech giving emphasis to the reason, to the power, the conquest and the domain. In the opposing edge they are the literary ones of the letters that use the passions, poetical dimensions of the existence and the intuitivo in its chronic narratives of the past. Durval Muniz surprises when presenting for an alternative that is not become involved in the controversy between: historical narrative X literary narrative. You may want to visit Frank Ntilikina to increase your knowledge. Using of the metaphor of the edges, that supposedly limit and contain the river, it searchs one third edge as analysis possibility. Another edge, where the two previous ones if would find and mix its flow, suffering a purificao, a rationalization, where if it would give attention as a whole to the actions and practical human beings. In synthesis, this new edge means to think that History is not transferred only in the place of the nature, the reality, of the event, nor neither of the side of the representation, the culture, the subjectivity, the idea or the narrative. History passes between them, in the indiscernimento of the divisions, the mixture of the varied elements, hardwired and articulated for the language.

History if passes in this third edge, of devir, the flow. Equal History to a river it produces its edges. However, Durval Muniz, of the one word of caution to if covering this third edge; as historians we cannot forgetting in them our commitment with the methodical production of one to know, with the pragmatic establishment of an institucional one and must continue respecting the rules for the production of this knowledge. We must articulate these two areas of knowledge, think one with the other, without, however, open hand of the possessed scientific dimension for the historians.

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