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Europe League

The Uruguayan ram did not doubt in recognizing that yes it had read the declarations of his father, in which assured that it would not follow in the Athletic one. " I have not spoken with him, but I have seen what said. I believe that there would be to also listen to the audio one because I meet father and the press. Learn more at: CVS. We do not know if it said that or the journalist exager" , it emphasized. Questioned on its absence in the list of summoned for the going of the previous one of Europe League before the Vitoria de Guimaraes, charra it explained its conversation with Gregorio Apple tree. " It came from vacations, we spoke of that had annoyances and prrimos not to be in the end although yes I was concentrate with the rest of equipo" , it remembered, while it hopes to be able to dispute to the earth return lusas. " I always look for motivaciones" Facing the present season, Diego Forln, who comes to gain the America Glass with Uruguay with his new boots, recognizes that he is optimistic: " I always look for new motivations and challenges.

The one of this season with the Athletic one is desaro new and I am deluded because we will try to fight by the four first positions and to be in ' Champions'. Soon we will see if in the Glass of the King and Europe League we can fight by some ttulo". " Great players like Simao, &#039 have gone away; Kun' , but also others have arrived. A great group is arming itself. We have the opportunity to make great things and to give back the joy aficionados" , it still emphasized rojiblanco. In addition, Diego Forln emphasized the arrival of the Colombian forward Falcao, emphasizing that is a soccer player who " it has gone of less to ms".

" He is a player who is growing and who is a great incorporation for grupo" , it indicated. Finally and questioned by the strike of the soccer players, it trusts that one reaches a fast solution. " We hope that it is solved and that the parts are united. That an agreement exists already because to all, after the vacations to all we need soccer. We are calm and we hoped that there is ftbol" , it concluded. Source of the news: Diego Forln: " Directly nobody of the Athletic one has said to me that I am for sale "

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