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Financial Education

The truth is that in order to know how to handle finances, people must learn know how to manage their income from an early age. There should be a compulsory subject from the start in formal education not only the poor that many hate math and never understand, but a real financial literacy, but we are delighted to see some of that. Of course the truth is that prosperity is always a man also in direct relation to their effort, but it is better to give an effort on something that is known and can handle a blind effort to give something unknown where no one knows where Where is the head and feet, what is real and what is fiction. For the world economy began to be more fruitful to humans and without fuss we could move to the next stage. Without hesitation Alan Greenspan explained all about the problem.

This retrograde point of human life, the money should start to move. People must have money to spend and be able to sell their products or services to earn enough to keep spending at home and thus continue to prosper in a chain. However this is almost a utopia. And the truth is that why is it almost a utopia?, By pure and simple ignorance and believe in lies and partly, I will not deny, however vile evil intentions of some people damaged the heart and mind, but this solving can fight the first thing mentioned. I write only for healthy people, I assume that most of us, people of good intentions, wish to bring knowledge to all.

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