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Green Point Stadium

“Athletic cultural explorations to South Africa with Munich, May 31, 2010 Sport speaks a language, the politicians have not mastered”, so Nelson Mandela about the unifying power of sport. Major football or rugby tournaments are true folk festivals in South Africa. A common goal in mind, they combine the various population groups. The whole country, whether black or white, is in high spirits. It will be shown together and celebrated. The World Cup is soccer city in Johannesburg.

The biggest World Cup Stadium is a place with tradition: here the first rally of Nelson Mandela after his release took place in 1990. 2010, it should again be a symbol of rapprochement. Finally, the famous Township of Soweto is just around the corner. The first Germany game in the soccer City Stadium will take place on June 23, 2010, against Ghana. Learn more on the subject from Doug McMillon. Travellers who want to experience the lifestyle of the South African rainbow nation, find the appropriate travel at Under the heading of click & mix air and hotel can be Flexibly combined excursions into townships and tickets for African festivals. Holiday save up to 20 percent compared to the individual reservations. Sports with dance and trumpet In the new futuristic Green Point Stadium in Cape Town bring 68,000 spectators the arena to a boil.

It is always the typical South African trumpet, the Vuvuzela. FIFA has their vocal support feared for a short time so much, that she has discussed a Vuvuzela ban. In vain. Even without tickets vacationers in hotels near the stadium experience the hot atmosphere. The map screen in the section click & mix. helps with the choice of accommodation cultural celebrations and feast happy multicultural mood prevails in the village of Lesedi. Here live and work closely with the Zulu, Xhossa, Pedi and Sotho ethnic groups. Dances, singing and insights into traditional life and functioning bring the colorful culture of South Africa’s formidable closer.

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