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Interesting Notes On Chopin (I / Ii )

a Chopin’s music begins where speech ends. ETA Hoffman “Music is the pleasure experienced by the human mind to have without realizing that it is counting.” Gottfried Leibniz a General a In classical music there are a variety of performers composition is it to choose from, depending on taste individuals, with the vibrations, musical compositions that are better. a Every musician, teacher who has excelled in his time and is still remembered, you hear their works, as well as his talent manifested itself in his compositions, are no longer relevant facts of his life to understanding his personality, behavior, emotions , feelings, creativity. a This time, we have chosen to Frederick Chopin, taking into account what the Nation says the Journal of Buenos Aires, the world celebrates the bicentennial of his birth with more than 2000 concerts and events. New recordings, tours, films, video games and merchandising that includes stamps, vodka and chocolates complete the festivities. Critics rescue as a great composer but as an emblem of unbridled romanticism. We have selected some notes, which we share with the reader, for it has fulfilled its sources verbatim.

We hope that in some help to understand the behavior, behavioral concerns, simply, personality dela teacher. His perfect technique, stylistic refinement and harmonic elaboration historically have been compared with those of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven for his enduring influence on the music of later times. Chopin’s work represents the musical Romanticism in its purest form. Notes a It is said that Maurizio Pollini is the greatest Chopin interpreter of our time, and this points out that Chopin was a composer isolated but universal, invented the art of making the piano sing also had reservations on some pages of Don Giovanni of Mozart, which he considered vulgar.

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