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Jack Ryan Collection

From 3 November, Paramount Pictures released home entertainment a motley range of new Blu-ray discs for every taste the days are slowly getting shorter and fits the season food get cozy movie nights correctly. People such as NBA would likely agree. Because a whole wave of new Blu-ray releases paramount home entertainment from November 3 brings brilliant colors in the homely living room. Not only the musical fairy tale “My Fair Lady” with pungent sharp images, but also action fans will get their money. With “The company”, “The Jack Ryan Collection” and “Beverly Hills Cop” there is pure and is of entertainment brilliant for hours. IN the cross-fire between MAFIA and FBI under directed by Sydney Pollack, the distinguished Harvard graduates Mitch plays Tom Cruise in the action thriller “The firm”. Already before his law examination of ambitious high-flyers receives some lucrative abroad from renowned law firms. This is his choice to the firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke in Memphis, which seemingly very considered the private good of employees is.

But as some colleagues are found suddenly dead, the FBI stands in front of his door, and he learns from his mafia contacts, it gets to do Mitch with fear. The exciting thriller will be released on November 3 on Blu-ray. FEARLESS, sophisticated and tough not only Tom Clancy fans come with the Jack Ryan Collection fully at their own expense. With “Hunt for Red October”, “The cartel” and “The Patriot” the attractive Blu-ray box combines three dramatic thriller film of extravaganza. “Hunt for Red October” is the prelude. When shortly before the end of the cold war, the Soviet submarine “Red October” crossing the pond, all alarm bells are ringing at the American Government out of fear of a nuclear first strike. But the CIA agent Jack Ryan is convinced that the Commander of U-boot is a defector. Another highlight of the Steelbook is the thriller “The cartel”.

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