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Japan Government

Known Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst television has discovered the real reason by which people cannot lose weight that is not for lack of will, by eating too much or by inadequate diet, but that the cause of excess weight and poor health is the existence of an unpleasant plate and some horrible CREATURES that live in your gut! This plate consists of evil parasites that we all have. These parasites cause excess weight, increase the incidence of diseases and shorten the life of the people. Dr. Suzanne teaches in his book How to eliminate this pernicious parasitic plate. She says: the majority of doctors, of the so-called gurus of diets and fitness experts are lying him or simply do not know what they are talking about! Proof of their claims: to proliferate Dietetic food, magical diets, fashionable foods, healthy foods and even drugs supposedly designed to make you lose weight every time people It is more overweight weight and less healthy. It is that with all the advances of modern medicine and the great resources people are more rise increasingly weight and get sick more like. If this question to doctors and other health professionals answers surely will be: is not something easy to answer.

(Yes it is, just say it, Doc!) The answer is much more complicated than the question (in reality, no what is hiding, Doc?) She (I) is only interested in selling his book on diets. (Actually I’m trying to save his life!) The people have no self-control. (If this were true, human beings would have died years ago from eating to die, and many doctors rely on this answer rather than the others! ridiculous!!) There are currently more fatty foods. (And you know this is a lot of crap because today more than ever are spending $100 million of) dollars in the manufacture of so-called dietary foods, and however a huge 68% of people living in North America is considered obese! And even other nations are beginning to see the bulk!) Something that contributes to this plate of parasites is that our foods have been filled with something unnatural, something he should not have. Here’s a test: Japan refuses to accept exports of meat and dairy products from the United States, this indicates that the Japan Government knows this. Why all other diets, dietary and organic foods, healthy foods, medicines and everything else does not work? Simply because they were designed deliberately to do so. In contrast the diet recommended by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is made to work. Dr.

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