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Jenny War Hernandez

Hairdresser: barber. happens like with airhostess, your you know what means to hair, perhaps by the champ to hair and shoulders, so as we are speaking of professions it must be barber or barber. 7. taxi to driver: taxi driver. It happens just like with bus to driver.

It is clear no? 8. Fishmonger: pescadero Is probable that you know the meaning fish, by the name of the Mcfish of the Mcdonalds, soon as we are speaking of professions, Fishmonger has to mean pescadero. Good, either we know 7 words the more, to see, 17 + 8 do 25, so or we know ourselves more than half. 3 Well, at this point we have left these words to learn: 1. Filed under: gymnast. rena Investors expresses very clear opinions on the subject. accountant: accountant the 2. Bakers: baker 3. postman: mailman 4.

to bricklayer: bricklayer 5. fireman: fireman 6. businessman: businessman 7. to gardener: sailor gardener 8.: sailor 9. to grocer: shopkeeper 10. to butcher: butcher 11. journalist: journalist 12. to caretaker: manager 13. to lawyer: civil lawyer 14. servant: civil servant 15. lorry to driver: truck driver 16. to manager: director 17. to undertaker: enterrador 18. nurse: nurse Exists many forms to learn them, but I believe that one of simplest than you can use is to look for in Google images, photographies or drawings regarding each of these professions. That yes, characteristic that must share all the images is that they are challenging, likeable or original because they must sorprenderte if you want to be able them to remember in the morning examination. 4 At this point only you have left the acid test, to copy the words in Spanish once (in ball-point pen) and when you have finished the list, to begin to alongside put the words in English in pencil. You verify the results after of having finished and to flocks those that have not come out to you well. If you want, you repeat the process with the words that you still do not know yourself. 5 Before acostarte at night you read all the list of mechanical form and according to you also awake. Good, already you will tell the results me!

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