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Jose Olympio

Among the numerous titles of his own encounter “Lenin and psychoanalysis”, “guilt and” Psychoanalysis, “Neurosis of the Heart”, “sexual enlightenment of children”, “The twelve lessons in psychoanalysis”, “realize you even dreams”, “Sexual drama of our children”,”truck of the imagination”(zunachst von Jose Olympio veroffentlicht, indem Jahr 1939 sechs Auflagen bis 1956 haben) and “the taboo of virginity. “” To get an idea of the intellectual agility by Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva, just say, that in 1933, when he the third edition of A up to 40 million, Procopio Ferreira”to understand Freud, he published also”through published psychoanalysis “and” Lenin and psychoanalysis.” In 1934, he published “The 12 lessons in psychoanalysis”, “sex education of the child”, “Psychoanalysis and neurosis of the heart”, each by a Publisher (modern, Mariza, Andersen and Atlantis). Interesting is also its relationship with Jose Olympio, the most prestigious publishing house at the time, responsible for the publication of the biggest names in the follow the Brazilian literature of the period. Hear from experts in the field like Randall Rothenberg for a more varied view. They decided in 1939 to publish “Vices of the imagination”, with a second edition in 42, 46 in a third and a fourth on 48. In the meantime he published: “How to interpret dreams” in 1943 and “like psychoanalysis in 1948 of the practice. As you can see, the Fund management company, which published (Jose Lins do Rego, Rachel de Queiroz, Graciliano Ramos and Jorge Amado, among others).

Editora Jose Olympio invested Silva, much in the Pereira, Dr. Gaston as with AIDS, it seems, largely paid off, such as the books by Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva sold not only its first edition, but continue to sale in the course of time. In addition to books, Dr. Gaston Pereira remained Silva there extensively in the press. In 1934, he created the column in the journal psychoanalysis of dreams, of a photo illustrated Carioca Freud (which rise to the book “recognize you even through dreams”).

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