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Lance Armstrong

Now let’s take the treadmill at a speed and incline where you can not breathe comfortably. The intensity has increased significantly, but have reached an upper limit to the amount of oxygen that can be taken in This is your VO2 maximum. VO2 Max values differ from one individual to another. Factors such as age, health, activity levels, training programs, and genetics affect VO2 Max. A sedentary person has a VO2 max of about 20 ml oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute of exercise. Sports apparel addresses the importance of the matter here. A highly trained endurance athlete can have / a VO2 max of 70 ml / kg / min. ce to go. Now, why did Lance Armstrong win all those bike races? Yes, he has a great training program, a great coach, and the big team. However, his genetics for an endurance athlete are nothing short of amazing.

Do you know his VO2 Max measures around 83-85 ml / kg / min, while the average person is around 40? For Lance, his success is attributed to a combination of training of great will, desire, and unbelievable genetic makeup. Super Human spear: 1. Lungs – 2 times the capacity of the average person 2. Muscular – less lactic acid accumulates and is more efficient in removing it. 3. Heart – Is about 1 / 3 larger with a resting heart rate 32 beats per minute, and peaks around 200 beats per minute. 4. Body Fat – 4-5 percent before the Tour starts, while an average person has 15-20 percent.

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