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is in fact in his techniques, there is something new? – I thought, and asked him to show you some tricks that said clearly that he rasssskazal me, it's about mixing methods of combat (not that that is done in the 20 century). That's a daunting thought that I stand and showed many techniques which in reality would not work exactly. So it's not work! – I cried. Yes – said this is not weather wise youth. This is what I wanted – inefficient ways – said Timur. And that's it! – I cried.

So you mix all ineffective. That's right – he said, and added: I do it again, and with other types of devices, but more on that in the next times. Oh, yeah – I thought. After 11 years I have researched a professional martial arts and I know that such experiments has not been done in the martial arts. Listen Timur and you know exactly what you are unique in the world who did such a thing? – I asked him. Timur, for all its modesty, of course replied that he talked with one of the disciples of Chuck Norris Jerry sweat – one of the best kungfu masters in Los Angeles and he literally has confirmed that the doubt that is there and it was done. No doubt this guy is literally 'king' martial arts 21 centuries and no one else even if he earns more on this. Champions disappear and pass away in their place others, and the place of Timur nobody will pass away because that we can not repeat what is done only once! Prade home after that meeting, I thought a lot about their weaknesses and bad habits which any martial arts fights to eradicate them.

Reading the book Way of the strongest men of the author Kuzgova Timur I came across this aphorism: 'Bad habits – fashion has become eternal. One man began, while the other continued. " After reading this thought I felt a desire to quit and still do not smoke. About our sporsmenah, singers, actors at each step of trumpeting to all voices, but what they impact on others, and even on the art they practice? At a time when decent people live among us, but we do not notice.

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