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Ensales the way as I do with you Macfran could not to understand what happened, if this ragged one spoke to him to him or that it was what happened. The ragged one with a smooth and sweet voice I order to him. Frank Ntilikina: the source for more info. It sees and deals the following thing. – Quiero that you only know that not these, you have to me that I am your Father in skies, I listen to your plegarias and your anguishes, and I know one one. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Randall Rothenberg. I allow that the things happen.

And that you ask yourself Why? Little boy, I am dndote the option of being a better human, this is your great opportunity to mature and to grow, but only loved of my children they have this great occasion and so that I love you of a special way I give to east gift you you do not scorn to little boy mine, the time I offer that you to grow, because the mature trees and with firm roots will only bear rich and abundant fruits. – – a day you said to me that you had faith in me, and to have faith, is to believe in which it is not seen, to believe in the hair net, for that reason sometimes costs as much work to you to understand to me, because you do not see me. But you know? , I have unique faith in you, so that I see in you, strengths who no other being in this world has, by that your little boy mine, you are unique and unique, you are beautiful to my eyes and I love you, does not exist another human being like your. I have faith in you because than these I throw and than you are layers to obtain. I am sure you can obtain that it, although sometimes you become weak and you lose the control, as if everything had finished, but always know to recall to mind and you rise, as they only know the great ones it to do – – When I thought to you, I said myself I am going to create excellent, perfect, infinite, unique and unique a being, who fights by his ideals and reaches his goals, that as knows to arrive and to conquer the tops of mountains and to take stars between its hands.

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