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Meso Plates

It has about 80% of the time of exposition of plates msteres in the television. Before and Later: Bands brought for the twisted one harmed the exposition of the marks of our sponsors, but with the implantation of the new project, beyond the club to solve the problem, goes to improve its collection with advertising. ess. Meso Plates – Yellow They are five postadas plates of each side on of the internal curves of the athletical track, the mark of the partner will be registered at the moment of bigger emotion of the departure, therefore this set of plates is in the neighborhoods of the goal. It is an excellent option for spreading of the mark. It presents size standard FIFA (7mx1m).

It has about 90% of the time of exposition of the red line in the television. The mark of the sponsor will be displayed at the moments most emotive of the Meso departure Plate 2 – Purple Very used in the decade of 70, it presents the mark of the sponsor of front for the camera. It is a traditional and efficient method of if announcing marks. 8 plates are measuring 4m of length for 1m of height and are located between the yellow line and red line. It has surrounds of 90% of the time of exposition of the plates msteres in the television. Display of Line (low Plates) – Green They are prisms of 3,5m x 0,3m placed by all the extension of the lateral lines and partially extended in the lines of deep, it has excellent visibility with the focus of the closed camera. It is a more economic form for activation of mark.

He is very used in the German Bundesliga. They can be used in set with bigger plates for activation of data you add? telephones, electronic address, phrases of effect, etc. Plates of ceiling? ceiling of the captives Located above of the ceiling of the captive chairs is seen by the biggest number of torcedores gifts in the stadium? Superior, inferior and social Arquibancadas, moreover, in the televisionados games constantly is shown.

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