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Michael Tarnat

Bayern has only one striker (Podolski) into the season, playing for it but again with libero. The new coach justifies this with the fact that a 0-0 draw is dear to him as a 4:3! Committed prior to the season, the veteran Michael Tarnat to play defense more stability! With moderate success. Bayern conceded the fewest goals against in the League though, shoots but also hardly any! Lean results: place 8 Trappatoni must go to the end of the season. “Rummenigge: it did not fit easy!” His successor is quickly found and also an old friend. Season 2016/2017: Bayern has qualified via the fair play ranking for the UEFA Cup.

The mood to coach Rehhagel is huge! Europe, here we come! “King Otto” brought Angelos of Charisteas as reinforcement for the storm! Hoeness: What did miss us last season, was a real Clipper. Here you go, here he is!” The champion confidently starts with 7 victories in a row; It seems to run again internationally. Hibernates after WINS against Gothenburg, Nottingham and de Grafschap in the UEFA Cup. “Hoeness: we’re back!” But in the spring the typical Bavaria bad luck come back to the fore. Only it is unfortunate defeat against the Championship rivals Kaiserslautern and Frankfurt, then one retires against 1860 in the Cup! It remains only the UEFA Cup final against rapid Vienna. ULI Hoeness sees need for action. Rehhagel out interim coach is Franz Beckenbauer! He quoted the emperor will save what is to save”; He was right. Thanks to a goal from Charisteas (his only for the FCB), Munich of the UEFA win Cup! It should be the last title! It followed many years of insignificance! Wolfsburg has established a permanent master (one in a row) and already considered “Non plus ultra” in the Bundesliga.

1860, its dominant position in Munich by 5 years has strengthened participation in subsequent Champions League! Many trainers tried in Munich, none was longer than 1 year be tolerated! Season 2034/2035: Can the former champions after years of mediocrity no longer hold the class. The Manager ULI Hoeness Meanwhile leave at age can’t believe what happens in the last match of the season at the local “Lions-dome”. A totally deserved 0-6 humiliation against the reigning Champions League Winners and fellow relegated Nuremberg destroys the last hope of the class receipt! Coach Klinsmann is devastated! In the former Cabinet of Cup are the URNs of Heynckes and Lattek! Which has no use otherwise too! Now it must be planned for the future. You will need to converse, whether one prefers not a younger coach with visions of an experienced, hard-boiled; whether it returns under certain circumstances in the Grunwalder Stadium; or whether Uli Hoeness should not stop! Source:

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