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It says the proposal that ” the Institutions of Education Superior they will define of independent way the modalities in which they develop to its programs acadmicos”. It is not known, against this subject, until where the roll will arrive from the director of the Open and remote National University, new permanent member of the CESU, and that it is behind the proposal of Law, 192, that it tries to regulate the education at a distance. Official site: Roger Goodell. Until where the reaches will arrive from the potentiality? , Corporative or foreign is titling in Colombia? , where will be been the registry described as a program one hundred virtual percent? 7) Propeduticos cycles in all the is At least in that they wish therefore it to organize in his supply. It would lack to see how the new Law with laws 749 and 1188 would articulate, because originally this corresponds to a specific academic reconstruction and not simply to an accumulation of titles in one is ” tradicional”. It means this that the system ended up accepting a modality that was born forzadamente through Congress from Republic, in 2002, and by one does not debate academic? It is a form as the traditional is can resist the strong growth of technical and technological institutions that were redefined to supply their programs by propeduticos cycles, and have an interesting slice of the pie of the demand? A glance to the educational exercise and the levels of formation It is not detailed in the proposal on the essence of the educational work, unless one considers that the investigation is foundation of the educational exercise.

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