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Nectar Intelligence

This essay is based on the trilogy of books of spiritual intelligence of Ramon Gallegos, whose titles are: in unity with the being, the illuminated consciousness and the Nectar of happiness, this collection is about maximum for the study of spiritual intelligence, Ramon Gallegos is the author around the world that more it has been written on spiritual intelligence and holistic education25 books. Spiritual intelligence and holistic education are two interdependent areas which cannot be separated, the main objective of the holistic education is the development of spiritual intelligence and spiritual intelligence is what allows to make holistic education. Why Ramon Gallegos has spearheaded the movement more genuine and transcendent of this era. To achieve the evolution of consciousness through holistic education, is necessary to achieve a comprehensive society that has the necessary structures that allow the individual to live his spirituality: a society for lighting, a social context based on a culture of peace and a ethical global Ramon Gallegos to enable development of compassionate human beings that achieve your self-realization (2005: 72) founder and main pillar of spiritual intelligence and education holistic internationally, is the author of a trilogy of books that give an account of the relevance and importance of strengthening in human beings spiritual intelligence so that they achieve their happinessequanimity and wisdom. In his book unit with being mentioned about what is considered is the spiritual intelligence for the author, same marks as the capacity to be happy despite the circumstances, (1) this is, which has intelligence spiritual state will be happy always, since this is its essence, the problem isHe is not known, which is search in external things, because it is inherent in the life of all people. According to Ramon Gallegos spiritual intelligence represents a new paradigm that overcomes the superstitious view of materialism, scientism, and Postmodernity, with this concept builds a model more broad and inclusive of all intelligences.

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