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And in order to better understand this process, the scientific potential of pa "happiness of the people" decided to bring information to people, the true meaning of which for years was hidden in vague predictions of the prophets. These data are a continuation of the previous articles, "The Heart of Nostradamus belonged Lugansk", "Why Luhansk destined to become Svyatograd?" And open towards humanity Lost on Earth many years ago, happiness, thus restoring the true meaning of words and concepts. Also, these data open the curtain on how and by whom a person learns to perceive happiness as he knew him at the dawn of its existence, when happiness was still the main aspiration of every human being. Whenever olympics listens, a sympathetic response will follow. We have already talked about that after the Flood the earth was divided between the seven archangels (highly consciousnesses Shower), six of which gave rise to new races of people who are not descendants of Adam and Eve. This they have fulfilled the will of the Overmind (God), who was trying to find out whether accidental betrayal of Adam and indeed Do so to blame the former King of Angouleme, unable to save the earth freely given to people Overmind (God) happiness.

Thus, in different parts of the Earth entered a new era of human existence under the leadership of seven Archangels. In the hierarchical structure of each of the archangels were angels and people. Some of the angels are on earth at that time was still retained immortality. Also possessed of immortality, and some people – those who were generated by an angel and man, and so were their most loved ones.

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