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Ottoman Empire

was exactly in the context of the dismemberment of this empire that if gave to the allotment of the territories between English and Frenchmen. They are these countries that had demarcated the borders and had decided where each one of the many peoples inhabitants would remain. This is the origin, or better, the acirramento of the disputes and the hatred for which the Middle East will dive. In this context, for example, it is that the Jews will be contemplated Balfort declaration, while the Kurds are left to the proper luck. What more if it can use to advantage of the book of Fromkin is the part that approaches the quarrels for the estate of already defeated Ottoman Empire. Sports apparel brings even more insight to the discussion. The Turks who controlled the Empire of Arab majority all had finished after being only with Turkey, country bred the First War. The African limit of the Middle East, Egypt, already was a British protectorate.

However, when seeing Arab controllers assuming to be able in its countries had increased the pressures so that this country reached of time its autonomy. Palestine (that it understood the Eastern part to the east of the River Jordo? Transjordnia) was under British domain. The promise of a Jewish home provoked incited quarrels with Arab leaderships. However, the number of Jews increased each time more arriving at Palestine, mainly running away from the persecutions in the Europe. The Eastern part is the precursor of what it is known today as Jordan. All the Arabian peninsula, thus as Iraq (old Mesopotmia), the Prsia (that later it changed its name for Anger) and the Transjordnia they had been given for great traditional families, allies of the British (as the Hussein family). In the truth, the concern biggest and the interest of England in this region were to prevent that one another European power, even though its ' ' amiga' ' France, had the control of what it was the linking enters the eastern colonies (as India), the colony African (as Egypt) and the Europe.

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