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Owner Goddess

With regard to the colors, in the article already mentioned it is told that the origin of the colors, the red and the green, represent the teamses of soccer Sergipe and Confiana, however Mr. Juarez tells that, the colors mention the flag to it that is used in the hour for Owner Goddess. Marc Lore shines more light on the discussion. ‘ ‘ they follow in cortejo arriving in determined place and asking for license to enter, praises the holy ghost, makes the calls, the dramatizao and closing of the function ‘ ‘ 4 the Reisado de Itaporanga, differently in other cities if does not present in cortejo, and nor with louvores, the same one is presented publishes for it, not having as characteristic the walked one for the streets of the city. ‘ ‘ In Itaporanga, in contrast of what it happens in the cities where the day of Kings and all the natalino cycle is commemorated on the basis of the approach of the folclrico and liturgical fact, the Reisado follows its day far from the eyes of the church, what it is not configured as one empecilho for its existence and resistance, but places in them to question until point this position of ‘ ‘ marginalidade’ ‘ in relation to the liturgical scene it does not contribute for, in the direction of the traditional age of the folclrico fact, a reconfiguration of this auto one in relation what in principle it would give its existence in a generalized manner, therefore we do not perceive in speaks of its representatives, signals of devotion, faith, as symbols of the sacred one inside of the manifestation, but before the commitment only with ‘ ‘ brincadeira’ ‘ as they place and of perpetual-la.’ ‘ 5 Fact this that had great relevance during the research, suponhado, as soon as this reason must it at the beginning not the cultural support of the local parish of the first presentations..

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