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Particle Aviation History

In the old days in the Soviet Union of large-scale copies of aircraft models manufactured in the factory, could be seen in museums, in the pavilion “Transportation” at enea and on television: the aircraft designers in the Bureau and the leaders various aviation agencies. Today the situation has changed, and now these models acquire in stores and via the Internet, where a wide range of types and modifications of the civil and military engineering. Hooked aviation enthusiasts gather this collection of a variety of subject areas, but it is a separate, very interesting conversation. In this article I would like to stay (of course, brief and subjective) on why collectible aircraft model is not just good, namely: neobydennym, original, prestigious gift. The answer probably lies in the following. Man has always dreamed of flying. It is impossible not to quote outstanding scientist ne : “Man has no wings and relative weight of his body to the weight of the muscles 72 times weaker than a bird But I think it would fly, based not on the strength of his muscles, and the strength of his mind.” And in the nursery Encyclopedia wrote in 1960: “The dream has helped find hundreds of bold, unexpected bold decisions that allowed a person to overcome gravity and conquer the most boundless ocean of the sky.” Maybe that’s why we want to have around the particle rich history of world aviation, the symbol of the human dream of flight a symbol, a symbol of freedom. “Knowledgeable” fans would agree with this statement – a beautiful model airplane charms, gives strength, confidence and creativity.

Rightful place in our home and office interiors can find a copy of the legendary fighters and bombers, passenger liners and air transport vessels from different airlines. Without a doubt, Each model airplane is a separate record, and the memory of the proceedings, deeds, records, memorable events. All of us – the owners of these planes form the community of the Romantics, to some extent custodians of history and leave out inheritance to their loved ones and perhaps humanity is our wealth. Big words? Maybe! But it’s true that decorates our lives!

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