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Pelucona Republic

It is impressive to see how our youth, showing in its student splendor is involved in reforming society, at the time of assuming a position within it, in the world of work, social relationships, no minor detail to choose their children’s school are transformed into staunch supporters of the social conservantismo and so, the ideals of youth, the social rebellion, oppose everything, is going being transformed by the establishment which is tremendously powerful in our country. Schools with higher demand are the Church and it is where they want to be the sons of the former rebels, sometimes with cause or without. What I say is not a social critique, it is a cold observation of Chilean social space. Main ideologues, to speak the current Chilean policy somehow and the heroes who run it, are formed in the same colleges and Chilean universities, some say children of public education because they studied in high schools throughout the State, but what they don’t say is that they made it into the best High schools of the State, as the former National Institute, works of the fathers of the fatherland, but in truth was the predecessor to the first State University in Chile created during the Pelucona Republic. O the Liceo N 1 in girls where studied the Chairperson-refocusing us on the preliminary issue of the Chilean economy and its raid towards the development, is extremely behavior and ratifier of the fact that all those who administer the Chilean establishment are the same, it is that our country represents within Latin America at least, the best example of the triumph of the free market, if until the Communists through her today presidential candidate, have agreed to promote free entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprise therefore are them that general close to 80% of employment in Chile, then where is the revolutionary, stock, irreverent ideology in some cases, because it is simply reduced to the make-up of who seek to under the pretext of greater or lesser statusdress in the clothes of socialism. . Follow others, such as Frank Ntilikina, and add to your knowledge base.

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