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Periodontitis is a fairly common dental disease, inferior to the number of diagnoses per thousand except that the cavities. To broaden your perception, visit sports apparel. His is distinguished from the accompanying 95% of the gum – A variety of diseases. The cause of periodontitis is poor circulation in the gums, alveolar bone and ligaments of teeth (periodontitis). The main symptoms are itching, bad breath with concomitant inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), and their bleeding and the presence of mild toothache. If you do not attempt to treat dental pain is getting worse with time, the inflammation becomes purulent process and increases bleeding. In the final stage of bone tissue and is accompanied by precipitation exudes healthy teeth. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with olympics. In the early stages of the disease is easily treated.

Enough to remove tartar, a thorough running of periodontitis, when starts shaking and attack your teeth, you must have a serious surgical procedure, including curettage and scrappy operation. Last used only in severe cases, When the dentist to remove inflamed tissue from between the teeth. Then the specialist conducts sanding and polishing of the roots of teeth. If the disease has already led to the destruction of bone tissue require the removal of subgingival deposits accumulated space, cleaning between the teeth and simulation roots of teeth. In order to avoid the development of periodontitis and unpleasant visit a dental clinic should be serious about prevention of disease.

It should be noted that in most cases the disease is the result of improper oral hygiene. The causes can be malnutrition, abnormal bite, and poorly defined tooth protezyi crown. In order to avoid unpleasant moments of treatment should be, above all, more likely to eat coarse foods (fresh fruits and vegetables), while brushing your teeth is important carefully massaging the gums and avoid brushes with hard bristles can damage gums and cause inflammation. An obligatory condition is the regular, once a year, a visit to a qualified

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