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Polaroid Suncovers

Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. Who wears corrective glasses, needed until now expensive sunglasses which mounted on the glasses with corrective lenses or filter clips. With the Suncovers the sunglasses manufacturer, Polaroid eyewear offers an equally simple as secure and elegant solution. They fit perfectly over your existing glasses and combine such a good appearance with good looks and an optimum protection. The Suncovers fulfil the highest requirements: cover the eyes from above and laterally optimally or without restricting the view at the edge of the field.

High-quality polarized lenses allow a perfect and pleasant visual perception: glare-free, high-contrast, color-true and verzerrungsfrei. Of course, up to 400nm, UV protection is 100% guaranteed. Although they are large enough to fit well on any glasses, the Suncovers are almost as slim as normal sunglasses. Six available options Models for different tastes and style desires. Perfect solution for the car the Sun and glare protection is very important especially in traffic. Car driver are often forced in changing light conditions (E.g.

tunnel, forest roads) to depose their sun protection quick to – or again. With the Suncovers, this is an easy thing for glasses wearer. Changing without temporary loss of Visual acuity is in contrast to a corrected sunglasses. Also benefit from the classic advantages of a polarizing sunglasses Suncovers carrier/indoor: glare-free vision and a natural colour perception. In contrast, traditional sun protection glass achieve a high glare protection only by a massive tint, pronounced darkening of the glass. This swallows but plenty of light, which in turn affects visual perception. Another advantage of the Polaroid Suncovers is their moderate price EUR 39.90 up 49.90. So you can keep ready, a second or third sun protection as a reserve in the glove compartment without straining the budget size.

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