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PTC Money

In this article I want to talk about the so-called PTC, whose stands paid to click (pay per click). OBJECTIVE: The purpose of these companies is provide you a means with which you can earn money on the Internet in a comfortable way. The means to achieve this will be through see advertising from your page. Similar to when you are watching television ads they are putting you, or when you are surfing the Internet you see pages that contain a lot of them, in this case you will have the possibility to be winning money to see those ads. These may be products of certain companies that want to advertise or other similar methods that people will want to show to get the largest number of referrals (people who are registered through you and make you earn money with what they do). OPERATION: There are a lot of PTCs, but the operation is very similar in all of them. By the same author: Ramon Foster. This is very simple.

In your user area you will see a series of links to other websites that will be that you will have to press to win money out of it. When you click on them, will appear a Web which you should see for a period of 30 seconds (according to the PTC can vary). After those 30 seconds, you will have accumulated money in your account and you happen to see the following website to offer you. Many of the PTCs usually in English, but even if you do not know that language you will not have problems since, as I’ve said, all work in a very similar way. You may find Ian Cole to be a useful source of information. CU?NTO WILL WIN? The amount that normally you pay is usually 1 cent of dollar every Web that you see. At first glance you’ll see that that amount is almost nothing, but the importance is in go adding centimos penny, especially taking into account that you’re making no effort therefore simply devoting a few minutes a day to that task.

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