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Regional History

Still at this first moment it was approached fall of the exploration between years 1890 the 1930 where the pine if became scarce, and high during the government Vargas of 1930 the 1962. The process of the wood still in the Paran until its destinations was worked as United States and Europe. Source: NBA. For as the moment ace was worked the question of the associated wood economic activities and the impact in the environment. Ace was inquired that great forests in Brazil foreign interests always despertaram and in the Paran it was not different, thus attracting some colonists mainly during world to war i, and came the all vapor occupying diverse regions initiating the deforestation. It was continued lesson pointing that such explorations and maltreatment caused ecological disequilibrium.

The association made between immigrants and the exploration of the wood are that these had been stimulated by the market that was in potentiality, that is, the capitalism that modeller of the society. CONSIDERAES History does not have only the function to culturally enrich the pupils with the end of only repeating the facts at great length and mechanically. ' ' It must make possible same a understanding of History as a contradictory process for which the men in its multiple relations produce its life in its multiple dimenses.' ' (SIQUEIRA, RODRIGUES, 2009, s/n). In this direction it is necessary that the education of Regional History and the History of the Paran are reviewed in the resumes pertaining to school, therefore, a tool consists that would widely make possible the understanding on the importance and the preservation of cultural the historic site I assist beyond it in the construction of identities. In the words of Jayme and Carla Pinsky: He is necessary therefore, that the education of History is revalorizado and that the professors of this disciplines is acquired knowledge of its social responsibility before the pupils, being worried in helping to understand them it and we wait, to improve the world.

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