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Sandra Willis

Finally, the begrudging colleague would get his job and he would be deported at the end of the hallway in the tiny Office of orphaned and marginalized. Franz could push those thoughts away, but they always came back. The next morning, he was tired and exhausted. Arrived at the company, he noted that there was no presentation technology in the large meeting room. Frantically, he organized the basic necessities and even the audience came.

His boss welcomed all and moderated the presentation to and now, Franz was on the series. He was somewhat taken with the sleep deprivation and the hustle and bustle in the morning. And now the eyes of all on him were. And very friendly ladies and gentlemen not just looked this dismal morning. And then he began not fortunately failed his voice. But again and again he lost his thread.

He persevered and managed to comment on all the charts and pictures. But probably not quite optimal, because he saw the an and other time sag along his boss. The faces of the others were also not friendly. Franz himself felt now, that his forehead was damp and he was always uncertain. Finally, it was over. The applause was short and now questions came. However not Franz, it’s his boss. No one listened more to Franz. At the end, everybody went. The friendly personnel manager came briefly to Franz and inquired whether it would be him well. He said he ate yesterday probably evening restaurant something bad and she said she have already wondered what was going on with him. His boss said: my goodness, F. What happened to you? I thought even better the presentation and you know how I hate that. But next time please better. However, you can! Now, go home and cure themselves. You look so terribly.” Franz went home. He knew only too well that he had eaten rotten, but was infested with something, what he had so far only ridiculed other: speech anxiety. And what was even more threatening: he knew that the next presentation in a few days to stand. And he had no idea how he should do that. Most Evening he told his wife about it and she advised him to work professionally on this problem. Look after coaching to speech anxiety or fear of presentation on the Internet. A colleague of mine took advantage of that and since she presented very confidently.” Said and done 3 days later Franz sat F. in the coaching Office of the Frankfurt Institute for energy flow optimization. He had discovered on the Internet, that here many people with fear of speech and presentation anxiety were came and went again after just a few sessions without these fears. Wingwave, NLP, and the ORION EnergieFlow method are the results in the short term and also permanent. Soon it is clear what happened: the snide remark of his CEOs had awakened memories of a childhood situation in Franz. He had lapsed and his father had unexpectedly gives him a slap in the face and said: “Boy what never will be!” This episode was angetriggert again “and Franz felt the fear of the little boy that he had been at that time. Of course the situation is different today from and as Franz could also again confidently present after 3 sessions. The former fear is resolved.

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