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Sardinia Discoveries

They are activities that allow us to discover another side of Sardinia. You can give rides riding horse at the edge of the sea, inside or explore alternative routes and look different panoramas in mountain biking at the same time. Hear other arguments on the topic with NBA. It is also possible to walk along the many paths present in both inland and coastal areas, even by the canons (for experts). Sports that require a big physical preparation and courage and experience, like paragliding or climbing (fantastic cliffs of the area of the Gulf of Orosei and Isili, including several peaks scattered around the island) are the two most popular extreme sports in Sardinia. And let us not forget the caving. In addition can be practirar different types of fishing, submerged in the water, sitting on the shores of the sea or the pesca-turismo that joins traditional fisheries the possibility of being in a boat and eat fish. The last and very exclusive is golf, a sport that today in day is always more practiced on the island thanks to the creation of new green.

The Is Molas Golf Club (Pula), only 25 minutes by car from Cagliari, hosts every year in its 18 holes, many international elite golfers. Gallura proposes two sites: the Pevero, one of the fields more importates of Sardinia, frequented by fans of this activity throughout the year and another Puntaldia, Sabatino pointed smaller (9 holes). Other golf courses are in the area of Oristano (Is Arenas Golf & Country Club Penisola of the Sinis) and Campidano (Settimo San Pietro). Maria March Blogs related Nice apartment on the coast of Majorca Mallorca Villas In waves, body and mirrors. HANS BREDER ‘ Colour Me In science mysteries the water discovered in moon rocks Apollo landscapes Blog Archive travel the Havana Tips and Fun: the island of the dolls, haunted island filled with Poster for Island of the Doomed (island of death) (1967 OhGizmo!) Archive CES 2010 Concept Laptop With Transparent wallpaper waterfall Falls Flowing in the Forest course: volcanic rocks in the architectural heritage and Samsung shows off transparent laptop display (video) VentureBeat

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