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Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful”is an expression that is nowadays very diverse in appearance. It can be interpreted very differently and is used in various situations. Happiness belongs to a good life. Each individual on this earth has the right to be happy. But what is actually lucky? There is a generally applicable definition of happiness? No, because everybody defines happiness differently, otherwise feels lucky. Happiness is not to generalize. And that’s why it is important to get the individuality of each, not to restrict the concept of happiness.

Happiness is linked to well-being, harmony with the body, the mind and the soul with harmony and balance. agree. It means first and foremost to be satisfied with yourself and your own body. A prerequisite is to accept yourself and to love, to be happy. Because who is not satisfied with it, can not be happy. Dissatisfaction is a negative factor that destroyed happiness.

In the Conversely satisfaction is a factor that promotes happiness. Satisfaction generated positive thoughts and positive thoughts contribute to a happy life. Because thoughts are very strong powers that make things happen. With the power of thought, you can influence his life. Positive thoughts lead to positive events in a person’s life, and in turn, negative thoughts lead to negative events. Self-acceptance and self-love are so very important factors of our lives. Factors to happiness. But also the unhappiness is part of a beautiful life. Pain, sorrow, grief. All these feelings are not pleasant. But seen each and everyone feels it. Even strong, sometimes less. There are times in which the negative feelings quickly pass and times, since it seems as if they never pass. Accident belongs to a good life because you can just learn to appreciate happiness. Only who has experienced unhappiness, know how beautiful it is to be happy. Avoid unhappiness to can you should pay attention to the signals of his body. To avoid bad luck, it is not difficult. For this you should stop his spirit only, on his feelings, his emotions. Follow his heart and take only ways which cause no doubt. Others who may share this opinion include Randall Rothenberg. There are doubts about doubt as to the correctness of a decision himself, doubts about others. As soon as doubts arise, you should change its direction. Have the courage to take the right path and not pay attention to the opinions of others. The following quote describes the attitude to life, which is required to lead a happy life: don’t take anything personally “nothing others do is because of you. What others say and is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. “Don Miguel Ruiz,” The Four agreements

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