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Coast Guard

Disadvantages of dead reckoning can be considered the need for correction of accumulated errors of measurement parameters movement as a whole rather large dimensions of the onboard equipment, lack of affordable small-sized components for creating on-board equipment (accelerometers, autonomous schisliteley traveled path, sensors direction), the complexity of processing parameters of motion to calculate the coordinates in the onboard computer. Will Forte has plenty of information regarding this issue. The most promising area of application of such methods can be considered a joint use with radio navigation techniques, which will compensate for the shortcomings of one as much as other methods. Conclusion Even a brief review of methods and equipment positioning allows us to conclude that there is no universal system that can satisfy all the requirements of the end user. The task of creating effective working positioning systems is a much wider choice of a particular method. We can distinguish The following problems system-wide plan that must be considered customers and developers of such systems. Of great importance is the presence on the territory of the proposed deployment of appropriate infrastructure for the creation of a subsystem data.

Thus, the presence of computing and broadcasting correction data for the navigation apparatus in differential mode (similar, For example, the system radiomayakovoy U.S. Coast Guard) will significantly improve the accuracy of positioning using gnss without significant complication of onboard equipment. The presence of mobile connection with the cellular and microcellular structure will reduce the capacity of the onboard transmitter, which reduces the dimensions of equipment, simplifies the issues of energy supply (especially in a secretive mode setup), makes it difficult Detection of airborne equipment by hackers. In turn, the structure of microcellular communication systems can become the basis for the construction of zonal positioning systems, or will address locating 'Radiopelengation' methods. Separately, there are issues of creation of electronic maps that are intended to be used with avl systems, updating them.

Often, geographic information systems used to solve problems positioning than conventional mapping functions should serve as data correction, conversion of data from different coordinate systems, the logical binding trajectories of mobile objects to elements of the transport network based model of the mobile object. From this perspective, the benefits will have those systems in which organized surgical correction of road conditions, up to the accounting information traffic jams in some areas highways. Companies taking responsibility for security of the person or property, using the positioning system should solve the problem of information and legal interaction with power structures that provide physical safety or return of property. Equipment for mobile teams means of access to information databases, tools Automated positioning and targeting can significantly improve their efficiency. The solution to all these problems will create AVL-system, the most satisfying customer needs and able to promptly return the funds spent on development and implementation of the system.


But personally, I'm over 170 km / h accelerated since been afraid to stand around in the form of chatting on the steering wheel pendant. In the end, like the speed – the lot clad in skirts "roadies". This happens all the time when you go to V-Max. Instant surge of fear, releasing adrenaline into blood, and replacing his regime relaxation, during which time trying to recover. This contributes to excellent stability of Max even in fifth gear.

On the other hand, do not forget that I was not intimately familiar with this monster. What legends are not just walking around the name. And when you see this bike live a very long time walking around in circles for a long time gazing, so all brutal and really aggressive. Immediately obvious that this is not a toy. What is guided by the Japanese, making this bike, difficult to understand. He's sort of the embodiment of megalomania. Such a huge motor, massive nodes.

Yes and enumerate all the elements can be very long. Public Goods has similar goals. All watched the movie Mad Max? That's where the valiant hero Mel Gibson's travels on the V-shaped four. It looks very cool, and even in addition, the terms of the ghouls and enemies. But the motorcycle was shot in the right perspective, and looks great. What are the rumors just are not overgrown this bike. Many people want to have it, probably only because raised by this film. Whatever it was, but the V-Max for a long time was the best-selling bike in world. And yet, why not? You need so many arguments in its defense of that … you probably realize that he lives his life. So, think then that it about this bike. If you have time to think, you know that the world is still a weight other motorcycles. But if you think again, the attention to you and your Mad …, sorry, V-Maxu will be so much that you yourself will hardly understand why all this? Yeah, fun – a subjective thing, but if you find it in him, then …. Built by V-Max is clearly trying to give the bike a rough, manly character. And not just through "muscular" appearance. For example, the clutch is hydraulic, but to be squeezed, the lever must be put in the effort strong man's hand. Transmission shifting too rough: in relation to CAT V-Max is different from sports bikes as well as Jeep Wrangler from BMW. And the appetite for V-Max, too male: from soul to ride a couple of times along the Garden Ring – and even the walls of 15-liter Fuel tank will be dry. It feels like a four carb Mikuni not prepare a flammable mixture, simply pour gasoline into the cylinders jets. Over 14 years of his reign, the motorcycle almost has not changed, and perfect machine Yamaha is almost the same as was at the time of its first release. Since then, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki models appeared X-11, ZRX and the Bandit, but even against the background of V-Max looks flawless. Today, as in 1985, Max is worthy of his own class. This bike looks futuristic then, so it looks today, and tomorrow he will still be modern. When you sit on the V-Max motorcycle ride and let you (yes, just the way he rolls the bike you no other way out), you will agree with me. Nothing so expands the consciousness, how the machine. Achieving nirvana has never been so enjoyable. V-Max changes the fundamentals of philosophy. V-Max – is a god. I believe in him. Hallelujah!

Car Alarm

How many people are dreaming about buying a car! However, immediately after their dearest wish is carried out, there is overwhelming fear of losing their car. Nowadays there is a big enough threat to steal a car. That's why almost every car is equipped with anti-theft systems. Doug McMillon brings even more insight to the discussion. Of course, low-cost installation of immobilizers in our world – a necessary thing. It was a great number of devices to deal with the hijackers. Among them include the following: theft alarm system with two-way communication, with auto, shock sensor, limit switches (hood / trunk), and others. You may find Doug McMillon to be a useful source of information. The current market is very rich in various kinds of alarms. This device tells about breaking the car screaming that allows you to learn about the hijacking.

But this unit has some drawback. By itself, signaling does not interfere with the offender, which often is able to turn off the siren. In that case, when you're far away from the car, it is likely nothing at all to see. Most effective in a large number of cases stands immobilizer. This tool that does not beeps, and silently does its work – does not allow the thief to start the engine and whirl away on your favorite car.

The essence of this device is that without the support actions, such as an approximation to the reader key code, including the engine fails. This is only the principal effective device designed for the creation of all conditions against vehicle theft. In modern society, car no longer considered a luxury, but became accessible to all means of transportation.

Ukraine Rally Alexander Salyuk

With increased weight of the wheel at high speeds on uneven road surface, the character of the elastic elements and shock absorbers – after hitting the elevation wheel with late returns in place, and when traveling wells freezes, ie, In both cases, deteriorating grip on the road. In the dispersal of spinning wheels on the engine has to spend more energy, and this worsens the efficiency and dynamics. When deceleration brake mechanism has to stop the large rotating mass, so the brake pads and discs are more intense, that causes them to overheat and accelerated wear. Because of the greater moment of inertia heavy wheel braking distance increases, while abs wheel is unlocked with a delay. How to distinguish forged wheels from cast? Externally, the nature of surface treatment, find the difference between modern and cast forged wheels is very difficult without the invalid option, only one – to compare the weight of the discs. By the same author: Knicks. Forged, regardless of size weigh 40-55% less than steel and lighter than steel alloy of 15-20%. Commentary multiple champion of Ukraine Rally Alexander Salyuk older. Choosing the wheels can come from different reasons.

For instance, sports is very important that the disc was light and strong, so that the choice made in favor of forging. Who is more important than appearance, the stops on the cast wheels. Here are our roads not much better rally special stages. So maybe it is worth once to pay more and buy quality sturdy wheels. 'Beautiful' does not withstand strong impacts, and require additional costs for repairs and even replacement.

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