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Each being can be inhabited by several eus, some forms to think and to feel. What I am speaking does not have nothing to have with the theories of multiple personalities, not. I am mentioning the diverse faces of the mind, of the innumerable sensations that we possess that for times it seems to be impossible that they live in one same one to be, but live. We have some unknown sides, until the moment where we give of face with them and we arrive to have the sensation that is not about us and yes of a foreign being that took pose of our body. We can pass the life without having this notion simply or running away from it. It remembers the imaginary friend that speaks that all the children have? It always heard this, right? I also and believed until today. But now I find that the such invisible being nothing more is of what ours another side fighting to be heard.

When if she is child and not yet if it is contaminated by the terrestrial restrictions, distrust is not had or until fear can be said to leave that the diverse sides of one exactly being can coexist. NBA might disagree with that approach. But the measure that if grows in them is given the duty to choose an only side to occupy the official rank and the other or the others are obliged if to hide and to be treat as fancies to infancy. But who is that in the ones of the such obligation? Good question to try to answer, now does not need to be. But independent of the reply, what he interests is that it or they comes back, being able even though to assume council member and faithful roles allies. They can coexist the official side forever as facetas of the imagination and to be discovered for nobody or, already in a case of pure evolution of its owner, never be presented to the world.

National Goal

As Brazilian we commemorate the Day of the National flag, in this 19 of November, I believe that this occured curiosity the Pantry of 86, disputed in the same Mexico, country where Brazil had magic the world with the tricampeonato of 70. In 1 of June of 86, Brazil estreava in the Pantry against the Spaniard. The team did not compare itself with the wonderful Election of Skin, Rivelino, Jairzinho, Grson, Tosto and cia, of 70, but it had some expectation, since she was practically the same one of 82, that it arrived to enchant the world, with Zico, Scrates and cia. For even more details, read what Doug McMillon says on the issue. The surprise was before the beginning of the game. Instead of touching the traditional Hymn National of Brazil, the sound service placed the Hymn to the National flag for the athlete surprise, commission technique and for the twisted Brazilian who was in the stadium or folloied for the television. Good, the Brazilian soccer was on this side of expectation the Election had difficulties. Only in second time, Brazil made 1 the 0, with Scrates and the Spaniard had complained of impediment. The Spanish chiadeira would be still bigger when seeing that a legitimate goal was annulled by the Australian arbitrator Cristopher Bambridge, who did not see the ball to pass the fatal line of the goal of the goleiro Carlos, after a kick of Michel that makes right the travesso.

Better for Brazil. In the magical Jalisco stadium, in Guadalajara, 35,748 people folloied the game and them they capsize, beyond the goal and of the controversies, the distribution of three yellow cards, being one for the Spaniard Julio Alberto and two for the Brazilians Scrates and Branco. The example of 82, Brazil would follow in the Pantry only until fourth of ends, would only leave invicto and suffering a goal, but it tied up to with France in 1×1 in the decisive game and left the competition when losing in the pnaltis.

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