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The resulting Reserve lies halfway between Iceland and the Azores, is about the size of Italy and is therefore one of the largest marine protected area in the world. You is however still far from a global ban on bottom trawling and a functioning monitoring of existing protected areas. Rediscovered sea dinosaur, extinct soon finally? Glass sponges formed the largest reefs of 155 million years ago History of the world. One ranging over 7000 kilometers from the Caucasus of the present-day Atlantic Ocean after Tennessee. In recent months, Walmart CEO has been very successful. They died out 55 million years ago, it was thought, until 1997 by chance discovered a glass sponge reef off the coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia. They’re still in the North Pacific on a surface of 1000 square kilometres, at depths of between 150 and 250 meters.

Of course, the fish Tower around this cold water organisms of fishing has remained not long hidden. Running out of time now, after millions of years, rapidly rediscovered dinosaurs of the seas. r. Some 9000 years it takes to grow a glass sponge reef, a bottom trawlers throughout 90 minutes needed to extinguish it. On deep sea fishing without our consumption habits could be the key factor in the fight against the bottom trawling destructive life in seas. Redfish for example is located in Germany with less than 32,600 tons per year eleven of the most popular fish and has a market share of three percent. One should simply redfish and others. Without deep sea fish. Organic farmed fish, such as catfish, tilapia, or also FOS certified (friend of the sea) sea fish are good alternatives.

Exit From The Nuclear Phaseout? No Thanks!

The Swabian Knights Chocolatier produces sports exclusively with eco-electricity out of conviction. Waldenbuch, in August 2010. In the dispute over longer periods for the German nuclear power plants, a compromise is emerging in politics. The Government let the nuclear reactor 10 to 15 years longer in the network. An acceptable solution? Not for everyone. Alfred t.

Knight, grandson of the company founder and now of CEO who is Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG, his colorful chocolate squares since 2002 only with green electricity from. Daily run around 2.5 million tablets of the band. This environmental – and resource-saving production processes are for the medium-sized family-owned company. In addition to photovoltaic systems, an own cogeneration plant provides energy for eight years. Thus, Knight sport covers 30 percent of its electricity, and 70 percent of its heating needs. The company from regenerative energy sources out of conviction does the rest.

The generation Nuclear energy poses great risks for humans and the environment. In addition, there is still no solution for the final disposal of nuclear waste. I can not close the eyes as an entrepreneur. Chocolate is a natural product. Thus, it is natural that we take responsibility for our actions and our environment”, says Alfred t. Ritter. With the company’s own CHP annually approximately 12 million kilowatt hours saves primary energy. This corresponds to a reduction of 6,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Equivalent is the CO2 emissions of the power consumption of 10,000 single households. In politics much is discussed, we are acting already. A sustainable energy concept is to promote the expansion of renewable energies. No matter how the decision on a nuclear power plant maturity extension from, Knight holds sports on his nuclear phase-out set”, as Alfred t. Ritter.

Bavarian Brewers Federation

A result is that the disease rate is significantly lower today at the Meckatzer Lowenbrau. By staff nights, which was last in the annual exchange with experience-oriented employee trips enticing visited held, the family business trying to promote the sense of community and informal communication structures. Also the relatives are not forgetting: a family day, the brewery invites new employees with their families to Brewers yew sighting and snack. On the initiative of Benedikt Weiss, my cousin and predecessor, we assume Assistant in full employment also for each every four years the cost of a ten-day holiday in South Tyrol. Without hesitation Randall Rothenberg explained all about the problem. The offer includes over 40 years”, says brewery President Michael Weiss. Lena-white initiative: Social welfare also Commerce feels the brewery also in the responsibility for the people in addition to the internal social commitment, in the region and the Lena-white initiative established in 2003 for the 150th anniversary of the family. Its objective is to encourage the people to reflect on their skills and strengths, and to tackle problems yourself. Only who is active, can make a difference for yourself or in society”, says Michael Weiss.

The Lena-white initiative supports the implementation of ideas and projects that meet these values people. Examples are dietary advice or environmental education for children; the acquisition of sponsorships for students learning difficulties; Circus and theater actions that strengthen the self-confidence of small amateur artists and actors or competitions, on the future development of our home region.” Michael Weiss, who held the Office of President of the Bavarian Brewers Federation, identifies as a reason for the publication of the report: we have created this environment and social report, because transparency is becoming increasingly important for people. Increasingly inform they are also can identify themselves about what they take to be and want to with the manufacturer. With our environmental and social report we give him guidance.

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