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Higher Council

The great day comes to the end and you get to vote early and complies with the obligations entrusted to him by the campaign: transport, point data, surveillance on the tables, in the end. The atmosphere is good and, at the end of the countdown, the trends are confirmed: your candidate wins wide and categorically. You celebrated moderately but cannot hide her joy. It embraces with his best friend and tells him we won, I knew that we were going to win! But his friend, with a moderate joy and a skin-deep realism tells him: not yet! And then it tells you something that seems terrible to you. Winning elections is that they have concluded is not much, because it is to elect the rector of the University and in these institutions system is unique and different: voters choose a triplet and her upper Council can choose you want to in your real know and understand. A few days later the nine members of the Higher Council will meet behind closed doors, with your back to the world and choose a candidate other than the winner, but that fortune theirs, also was in the triplet. You breaks the last poster who had, gives him the shirts to the recycler in the neighborhood and swears no never believe more in elections or anything else you like.

The above is not a tale or is fiction. The unpopular and discredited system of appointment of rector in some Colombian universities, including is the University of La Guajira. And to think that there are who defends this perverse procedure. They defend it because it is a form of access to the charges against love of the masses. Poor things, because when they begin to govern the people it has thousand ways to tell them that it does not want them. And they are like a tyrant isolated who serve by fear and reject by conviction.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian academic whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world. Recently was he awarded the prize for journalism of the CERREJ?N in the modaidad of the internet. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities.

ESA Apple

As well this fight writing is an art, contrary to what k many think. The fight is a fight (either sports or street), which must be designed and analyzed is known k before a fight should not think k techniques will, TU technical should be the result of the of your OPPONENT, but this tested k the human brain is one machine manufacture images and if you tell someone not to think in ESA Apple red..You focus on my thing 1st k did that person was thinking in the Apple red. There are four stages of thought. 1-Before of the fight 2 – at the beginning of the fight 3 – during the fight 4 – at the end of the fight before the fight. To view the physical part of our adversary (big, small, slim, strong etc.), think of a match type to perform (inside, outside, combining, against-attacking, etc.) BUT careful thought is only the preparatory part of the combat, not the k be governed in the same at the beginning of the fight. At the beginning of the fight begins a process of study using feints and false attacks, etc. Here we check the current status of the opponent, speed, hidden beats, possible techniques, the striking force, in addition to checking our current state, each fight is different although we fought 100 times with that rival and in case our not all days are equal, there are day k we are better by foot, others by hands, there’s the k us nothing comes out well, the study of combat process is therefore important. DURING the this fight is the most important part of the fight after the study process as we know as attack, where and at time k, began to gain ground, as we should know k match type to do, where to move, etc. must always be nimble of mind, remember k not only we think, the opponent also does it and is constantly trying to make us fall into his fighting styleIn the middle of this moment of the fight, the opponent changed his fighting style to realize k not him is giving result, here is important to change our way once more and at a very quick time, many people lose because cdo currently the adversary change want to continue with the same fighting style, cdo the changes It’s another fight, but currently we don’t have the time to study as in the 1st part, here must pass momentarily to contra attack to see k is trying to do, get us the idea and exit the process against attack by combining it with attacks, feints, displacement, etc.

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