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The Action

Soon a young person who stood out between the group of young people transformed into the Corifeo or teacher of the choir, that directed to group. With time they appeared the bard and rapsoda, that was recitadores. During century V a.Cs., during the classic age of Greece, settled down the traditional models of the tragedy and the comedy, and the dramatists Aeschylus and Sfocles respectively added to a second and third actor to the action, which gave this one complexity that made the creation necessary of majors scenes. For it great stone theaters were elevated, between which it is possible to still mention conserved of Epidauro in century V a.C., able to shelter 12,000 people, and the one of Dioniso, in Athens, in century IV A.C. Further details can be found at Randall Rothenberg, an internet resource. Its construction was realised by means of the advantage of the skirts of a hill, where the launching slips get ready in semicircular form that surrounded orquestra, circular space in which it took place most of of the representation. After orquestra sken rose to a called construction, scene, destined to that the actors changed their clothes. In front of her a columnada wall, proscenio rose, that could maintain surfaces guinea fowl that evoked the location of a battle. These scenery, along with the tnicas and masks used by the actors and some rudimentary machines, constituted all the scenic apparatus. The representations of the Greek theater were made outdoors, counted on choir (directed by the Corifeo or teacher of the choir) that sang the choir and danced around an altar. In the Greek theater two types of works imagined: the tragedy, play of unfortunate end that dealed with heroic legend subjects and used, opportunely, to the Gods for its end, and the satirical comedy, that criticized humoristically to politicians and works and incurred a mmica initiated by a choir of satyrs, and comedies that had by subject subjects of the daily life; all was written in verse and used mscaras".

Study English Canada

With respect to the study of English canada, this is the second largest country in the world. It is almost half of North America and extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward to the Arctic Ocean. Its capital is Ottawa, but the most populous city is Toronto. Babylon there are two choices fantastic to learn English in Canada: the option of doing an English course in Toronto. To study English Canada, Toronto is one of its cities star Kaplan offers a wide range of English courses in Toronto. Located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is an incredible city to study English: is the largest and most cosmopolitan of Canada. Its impressive architecture, the famous theatrical environment, world-class sports and a beautiful coastal scenery make it a captivating place of studies. You can walk in the park with new international friends, see the Blue Jays to play baseball in the Rogers Centre or admire the views panoramic views from atop the CN Tower, from which with good weather you can reach to see the Niagara falls to 120 km! When the decision is make foreign language courses, should be the objectives into account.

Foreign language courses should be selected in accordance with the specific needs of each student. At ABT linguistic services we understand that each person has their special reasons for wanting to follow a language course abroad. You may have to negotiate with foreign colleagues. Or read or write reports. Or perhaps your work involves listen or communicate in another language with your clients, patients or students. The eminently practical advice, must get to have the certainty of having chosen the best foreign language course and achieve personal goals. The best course to get ready to face new challenges. The best course to strengthen your security and your skills at work or studies.

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