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The Weihenstephan pleasure study shows, with the temperatures rising appetite for particularly refined pleasures Weihenstephan brings new cream yoghurt varieties in the refrigerated section. Under most conditions Al Bumbry would agree. Freising, March 17, 2009; Enough frozen. Well, that scarf and coat can stay at home at last. The dairy Weihenstephan has found out in their current consumption study why we forward actually so much to the warm season. The result: Two-thirds of Germans indicate that they enjoy significantly more intense in the spring and summer. Barbara Gassert (30), nutritionist from Munich and a member of the Weihenstephan quality Advisory Board, white, why that is so: In spring the hormonal balance turns to for everyone. We feel euphoric, a bit like newly in love.

Our senses are much more sensitive than in the winter.” When outside the nature wakes up, has also influence on our food. Since then, we subconsciously remind us of the natural diet of our ancestors. And he’s asking for a hard winter especially rich in vitamins Food, especially for fresh fruit. “” That’s why the new cream yoghurt varieties of Weihenstephan fit particularly well now in the season: the refined flavor combinations Orange lime “and forest fruit Sabayon” bring already real spring and summer feeling in the Cabinet. The summer Orange lime yogurt”speaks especially connoisseurs who rely just on hot days on a fruity drink, in forest fruit Sabayon” selected berries take on delicate dessert treat. Like all Weihenstephan products are also the summer yogurt free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

Orange lime”and forest fruit Sabayon” are available now in a cup of 150 grams at a price of EUR 0.65 in trading available. About the dairy Weihenstephan: The dairy Weihenstephan GmbH & co. KG, located in Freising near Munich is provider of a wide range of dairy products of the highest quality. The dairy’s monastic roots back to the year 1021. Today, approximately 220 million kg milk are processed every year. Selected farms from the Alps and the alpine foothills provide this high quality raw materials. About 250 employees of the traditional dairy ensure careful processing of fresh milk of the Alps as well as complying with the strict quality criteria. Continuous development and intensive research provide innovative dairy products that best serve the current and future needs of consumers in the home of Weihenstephan. Contact: Dairy Weihenstephan Akon k Public Relations Manager milky way 1 85367 Freising phone: 08161 172160 fax: 08161 17250167 email: service plan fire PR Bernhard Fuchs House communication 80250 Munich phone: 089 20 50 4158 fax: 089 20 50 4151 E-mail:

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