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It is a quality that allows to exercise certain magnetism about team focusing attention or admiration of the same on the figure of the person who runs it, that without any doubt is tremendously positive face to the mental preparation for competition. Credibility: The players have to believe in their coach. You have to rely on him, they have to be sure that it does not deceive them, that is indeed what he tells them, ultimately that is a man’s Word. That is why it is essential that a coach never promise to his players what is unable or go to meet. The worst that can happen to a technician is that his players do not believe in him that deceived them or why it is unable to keep his promises. It is easy to lose credibility but very difficult to recover the credit and this is something that a coach has to keep in mind since the first day that is made by a team. Empathy + charisma + credibility: ability. 4-Character: is the set of qualities own that it possesses a person, in the case of the coaches I think that these virtues should be targeted especially at the professional level to the winning mentality that must possess the person responsible for directing a team and the ability of being able to infect his players that winning character.

An aggressive nature in the positive sense of the action is something beneficial for the Group and transmitted correctly serves to establish a solid foundation to achieve success in the games. Character: Always aggressive, always winning. 5-Luck: we cannot forget that football is a game and as such game is subject many times to the luck factor, to which the ball between or not, that you paste onto the crossbar, goalkeeper it swerve in-extremas with the fingertips or that in the last minute the referee was wrong and point to a non-existent penalty. Apart from the above, luck also has to be sought, not you can be always alluding to bad luck, that sometimes what you want masking are failures, errors that both coach and players are guilty in a game. The luck to work it, must keep track of workouts with daily work and continuous effort, only thus will be easier to find the path so that it appears more often, although it is true that sometimes refuses you in a forceful and repeated, way before that just have a solution: keep looking for it. Training + effort: lucky road. Paco Arias learning online for youth coaches. What is the luck in life? The alternative Blog of Sochi, the Russian summer capital Absolut Russia some statements of Figo stresses the credibility of Pep Pelikano effectiveness of platform of the volunteering of Spain lies detectors social networks empathy and empathy shared in a Cloud Emotional Billboard April love and the types of personality in magazine romantic completo No. 11

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