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Health Education

The subject is, from this view, responsible for maintaining their health and therefore guilty when you lose. The heritage of health education moralizing on the one hand, and medical, while focusing on the treatment, on the other, leads us to that has not been established pedagogical thinking that supports the educational practices in hospitals until produce the widespread existence of the hospital support educational units, which took place from the 80’s. From then until now, the teaching hospital is defined as: Thus, while health education is dedicated to promoting individual actions that ensure the health of the collective, the teaching hospital has been responsible for the individual’s disease .

If we bear in mind that today we can talk over treatment periods of hospitalization periods, and analyzing the schemes presented above, we see that while the sick child can spend time attending your school for reference and educational care offered there are not understood as teaching hospital because the child was not in a hospital. Details can be found by clicking Andrew Adamson or emailing the administrator. Instead, the child’s life situation is the same, it remains a sick person in treatment, but returns to the everyday, it does not, a naturally the same way or under the same conditions. There are many doubts among the teachers and the teachers of these centers of origin when they back to child care in these phases of return was not definitive. His condition has an important weight that leads to new approaches at the time to interact with him as a student, at the time to explain things, to demand, playing, eating ….

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