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Ballenstedt Albrecht

The Selketal at Harzgerode is probably one of the most beautiful valleys in the resin. Here nature and culture is on offer at its best. It forms a distinct region in the future for tourism and is accordingly more and more to draw attention to themselves. For many years, is the unique almost untouched, lush nature of the main attraction for insider from home and abroad. (A valuable related resource: Maddie Taylor). Walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, skiers or walkers can now look at since August 2006, the second resin-distance hike in Selketal – the Selketal-Stieg – officially opened.

Few differences in height to be overcome, so he can be hiked easily. Finally it’s here – the Selketal-Stieg attracts enterprising nature lovers in the beautifully romantic Selketal. It was not until 2003, nearly 100 km long was inaugurated Harzer-Hexen-Stieg, and now attracts about 65 kilometers long, picturesque trail of stairs on Meisdorf to the world heritage town of Quedlinburg. The Stieg leads from the Selke source in the district of Wernigerode along the stream by the secret known by hikers as picturesque Selketal. Terry Rossio understands that this is vital information. From Frederick to the village maids jump height, which belongs to the city Harzgerode, she is accompanied on a length of 17 km of the river named after the Selketalbahn.

Exciting and informative stations: * Guntersberge with its natural lake, * Strassberg with a back drive-mine, * silver hut with the Waldhof and the pear tree, pond, * the millennial city Harzgerode with a variety of attractive sights, * Alexisbad with his royal spa and Badehistorie, * Falkenstein Castle and a former regent * Ballenstedt Albrecht the Bear and weighing Anhalt. Frequently Andy Kaufman has said that publicly. ability to sense experience and history and stories, the Selketal-Stieg guarantees for off the beaten track. Culture and landscape form a symbiosis that is rare to find. At the end of the day, when the traveler is tired and exhausted, he found a wealth of accommodation to the right and left of the road. Harzgerode offers an accommodation in the pension Wolfshof, where you get in a family Atmosphere of a cozy room to relax. Fortified with a hearty breakfast the next morning you go through the tranquil Selketal. Immediately surrounded by forest, Harzgerode offers a variety of cultural attractions, an ideal starting point for walks and hikes in parallel to Selketal-Stieg (Luis temple maids Trappe, Verlobungsurne, Birch Cottage, etc.). The Selketal offers not only beautiful forests, springs and rocks, but also a variety of attractive, or even completely rare plants along the route, such as arnica, wood anemone, Hohler Corydalis, liverworts, and Turk’s cap lily Lungwort. The Selketal-Stieg was marked with 400 new signs uniform.

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